About: Universal Growth Project (UGP)

We are all at different stages of our life.
Yet our lives are woven together.
Be; dance graceful in love.
Here, in the now.

APicture taken by John

Mission Statement:
– Universal Growth Project (UGP) embodies the innate ability within each of us to grow abundant through any hardship; just as the sacred lotus emerges from the murky mud. The 3 pillars of permaculture as described by Bill Mollison help guide our mission and culture. Solutions for all of our global problems can be simple, especially through a few altruistic actions. Community empowerment by education and example, sharing abundant surplus, free energy for all, non-violent communication and conscious celebration are the primary driving forces for our missions.

UGP creates goals that align within these 3 pillars:
– Care for Earth
– Care for People
– Care for Self

All is energy. The energy within us is infinite.

We must simply cultivate it to our unique path.

Picture taken by John