Must have (e)books that save the gardening day

The (e)books are listed into 3 categories: $ ($0-$10), $$ ($11-$40), $$$ ($40+) $ "Why Free Range Fails - Composting Chickens" - By Shad Qudsi - Quirky art filled book that talks about the importance of making sure your chickens have a well planned and cycled area so they are doing the important work of …

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Permaculture? Food forests?

What is permaculture? What are food forests? Why? Photo of the permaculture pillars by Dana Lynn Driscoll in 2013 < great website, check it out. The 12 principles of permaculture as described by Happy Holistic Homestead < another great website worth checking. Take the time to read through the 2 blogs above on permaculture to …

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Intention. Feedback.

Stars 🔆 Black wholes. ⭕️ Wisdom. 🧬 🔮🖐🏼 ❤️Love🌱🌍 The power within us to breath life into intention. 🔥 Transmutation.🌈🌺🕉💜🧞‍♂️♾ The release of all that is not us, crying; so In release, we feel our gratitude and best, true, living, joyful, peaceful selves, to give all that is us. ☯️💫 Immortalized In pure gold for …

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