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“Ask for everything, for everyone, and as such, there will be little need for anything”


“Although the problems of the world are becoming increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple”

Bill Mollison – one of the original voices of permaculture

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When I first read these powerful quotes, I felt deep pangs in my heart. How about you?

This website showcases how we can bring conscious creativity and freedom of expression together for our unique, abundant path. Connect with others and learn more through the Menu in the top right of the page.

Design of a food forest backyard that I did for a customer. Want your own? Click here!

Universal Growth Project (UGP) embodies the innate ability within each of us to grow abundant through any hardship; just as the sacred lotus emerges from the murky mud. We do this with the help of the 3 pillars of permaculture as described by Bill Mollison, and Ubuntu (humanity to others) to help guide our mission and culture.

Solutions for all of our global problems can be simple, especially through people taking a few altruistic actions. Community empowerment by education and example, sharing abundant surplus, free energy for all, non-violent communication and conscious celebration are the primary driving forces for our missions.

UGP creates goals that align within these 3 pillars:
– Care for Earth
– Care for People
– Care for Self

Photo of the permaculture pillars by Dana Lynn Driscoll in 2013 < great website, check it out.

All is energy. The energy within us is infinite.
We must simply cultivate it to our unique path.

From the short film “Dear Alice” by The Line
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